Welcome to the historic turn-of-the-century

Buckhorn Presbyterian Church

  in Masonville, Colorado.


Friends, When my family and I moved from Austin, Texas last Spring I did not know what the Spirit had in store for me as a pastor. How could I know that God would call me from a gritty urban church to a lovely committed congregation nestled in a beautiful mountain valley?

So, it is with no shortage of excitement and a little bit of anxiety that I share with you how happy I am that your Session called me to serve as your next pastor. I have enjoyed getting to know this wise and loving group over the last few months. I’m grateful for your trust in them and for the trust they have placed in me.

You should know that I don’t come to Buckhorn alone! My wife Shelley is an Emergency Medicine Physician who currently practices as an urgent care doctor at Associates in Family Medicine. We have two sons, Micah (9) and Liam (7) and a daughter, Hettie (2). You will undoubtedly see (and hear!) them on many Sunday mornings.

One of the things that I find most exciting about your congregation is the way in which you love one another. In the midst of theological and political difference I get the sense that you truly care for everyone who comes through the doors of the church and you love worshiping God together on Sunday mornings. In a divided world, your congregation is more of an exception than the rule. I am so grateful to serve a place that holds close to its heart the values of care and concern for one another.

I won’t officially begin serving as your pastor until March 21st which happens to be the start of Holy Week. I look forward to remembering Christ’s command that we love one another on Maundy Thursday, and then celebrating the Risen Lord on Easter Morning with you.

In the meantime, know that you will be on my heart and in my prayers as you journey together on these 40 days of Lent. Blessings to each of you as you consider how you might prepare to make your journey to Jerusalem through the cross and on to Easter morning. Remember, it’s a journey best taken together.

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Joseph Moore

Rev. Kathy LaRocque retired after 20 years in ministry.  She graduated from Louisville Presbyterian Seminary.  Received her doctorate in small church ministry from Union Seminary in Richmond VA.  Served churches in New York, Kentucky, Indiana and Nebraska.  She has two sons, two daughters and seven grandchildren.